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Investment Selection Criteria

We have three very simple selection criteria:
  • You must have technology. We are not involved in real-estate, restaurants, retail or entertainment. We prefer Internet-related hardware or software - not just internet-related marketing or services. We invest money and intelligence-equity ; if you just need money - and nothing else - we're not interested.
  • You must have developed a clear business-plan, with a total-available-market assesment and a business-model of how your business will grow profitably over the next few years. We'll be pleased if you already have partners, or a team.
  • You must have a winning instinct and be prepared to "bet the farm". We are not interested in part-time or moon-lighting activities. We cannot bet on you, if you cannot bet on yourself. We like people who have failed and are ready to try again!

If you miss just one of these things, we are probably not interested. We will still be happy to give you our comments and suggestions, and perhaps refer you to someone who may be interested in you and/or your ideas.

If you meet all of these criteria, then please contact us directly.

Send us the following :

  • A brief summary-resume of yourself and any partners who may be involved with the business plan.
  • An executive summary of your business (strictly non-confidential)
  • How, Where and When we might contact you.

We'll try to get back to you within 7 days.

We respect your intellectual-property rights and, should we request further information or proceed with a meeting, we may be prepared to sign a Confidentiality Agreement.