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Who We Are

We are what is known in the financial and business community as "angel-investors." We are not the average "venture capitalists" who typically invest a minimum of $2-3million and expect tremendous returns. Rather, we are a networked group of private individuals (technology, marketing, manufacturing and financial) who invest their own money (and intelligence) in businesses (and people) we like. This is not a website where you can find free grants or buy cheap textbooks about investing.

Investment Levels

We typically invest $50,000 to $500,000 - and we can arrange up to $5m investments either directly, or through a close network of business associates. Beyond that level, we'll introduce you to the right Venture-capitalists and/or Investment-bankers, who can help you to continue your growth and excitement.

Selection Criteria

We'll tell you, right here on this website, what we will ask of you and how you can quickly assess whether you, and your business plan, or idea, will meet our selection criteria.

3-Step Quick Start

Hey! Don't get excited and send us a Business Plan right away! Please follow these simple steps:
Click on Selection Criteria to find out whether you, your idea and your business meet our (admitedly somewhat strict and narrow) ground-rules.

E-mail: with a brief personal resume and executive summary (strictly non-confidential, please) of your business plan.

If we agree that your business fits our investment interest, we'll try to contact you within 7 days (max.) to request further material and perhaps a meeting.

Other Activities

We can help you jump-start your business in many different ways. Browse around to explore - we have some nice links to sites which will give you more ideas.
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